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The Versatility of Baltic Amber

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As you all know we’ve got a sweet spot for Baltic amber - the fiery, orange shade in particular. You may think due to its vivid hue that it’s not as versatile as Whitby jet however, we very much have to disagree. It’s the perfect gemstone to wear all year round, throughout the seasons and with a rainbow of colours. The beautiful gemstone with an interesting history will become a staple in your jewellery box that’s reached for almost daily. Whether that’s a cute pair of earrings, a bold pendant or a delicate bracelet, amber has a way of charming it’s way into your look no matter your style or the occasion.




All Neutral Tones 


If you’re a neutral lover when it comes to your style, amber compliments the earthy tones beautifully. We’re talking whites, beige, browns and greens. With these colours the glowing gemstone really does stand out and completes your outfit beautifully. 

We can’t think of a better way to showcase amber’s unique colour than to team it with an all black ensemble. Let your pieces of jewellery stand out and become the centre point of your outfit. Amber really does add a touch of interest to a black dress or tee and trouser combo. 


Clash of the Bright Colours


Don’t be afraid to clash colours all year round. If you’re naturally drawn to vivid shades, amber will complete your look perfectly. The glowing orange colour of one of our favourite gemstones works well with bright pinks, emerald greens, midnight blues and vibrant purples - to name a few. When it comes to fashion, anything goes, as long as you feel comfortable and confident. 




Through the Seasons


Amber is commonly associated with autumn due to its shade that mirrors the orange leaves of trees at this time of year. However, in our opinion, Baltic amber is perfect for every month of the year. It echoes the warmth of spring and summer and brightens up winter making your latest pair of amber earrings the perfect jewellery staple that doesn’t stay stored in your jewellery box for long. 


For Every Occasion


With our diverse range of jewellery designs there’s something for everyone! From bold, statement pieces to more refined styles, every personality and occasion is catered for. Amber can go from the office meeting to the pub garden drinks effortlessly, making sure that your latest jewellery buy is the first thing you reach for in the morning. 


Baltic amber is always a good choice when it comes to style. You can’t go wrong with our beautifully designed jewellery pieces that showcase the magic of the fascinating stone. 


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