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Whitby Jet Workshop

Keeping the skills alive.

Whitby Jet Workshop

Although Jet can be found in several other countries around the world, only the finest pieces of Jet come from the north-east coast of Yorkshire in England.

It is here that Robert & Victoria sources all its raw gemstone material to create unique collections of Whitby Jet jewellery. Even though the large lathes and dust-filled rooms of Victorian times have now been replaced by modern equipment and a healthy working environment, it is still at the upmost importance to Robert & Victoria and our talented craftsmen to maintain age old techniques and combine them with modern technology to keep the traditional craftsmanship of Whitby Jet alive.

The Whitby Jet stone can be found in a variety of different shapes and sizes which often dictates the final appearance of a piece of jewellery. Every piece of Whitby Jet jewellery is completely unique to the stone that beholds it. We may sometimes take an extra large and perfect piece of raw material and make it into a single, stunning pendant or brooch rather than cutting it to make several smaller items. It is our dedication to preserving the beauty of the Whitby Jet stone that makes our jewellery collections so appealing.


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