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Amber's Healing Properties

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You’ll never want to take off your new piece of amber jewellery once you discover how the powerful, golden stone has such a positive impact on your mind, body and soul. Adored for its vibrant shade and unique appearance, amber also is famed for bringing balance, luck and wisdom to its wearer. 

For centuries, amber has had an important part to play in spiritual and physical healing across the globe. There’s not much that this cheerful, healing stone can’t do! I think we all need a piece of amber in our lives bringing balance, happiness and positivity to every day of the week. You’ll be sure to find the perfect piece in our beautiful amber jewellery collection. 

Let’s find out more. 




Amber absorbs all negative energy that comes your way working hard to ensure that you are only surrounded with strong and positive energies. Therefore, amber brings a much more optimistic outlook on life bringing happiness and warmth to its wearer. With this inner peace and happy disposition anything is possible! 




Stress and anxiety can be a natural part of everyday life and we’ve all had our fair share of worry this year. Amber works to clear the mind removing any fear or uneasiness that you may be experiencing. It works to balance your emotions making you feel calm and focused on all the things in life that you appreciate. As a result amber can heal any physical symptoms that you may experience from stress such as a headache. 






Never feel uninspired again! Amber brings a creative energy to all that you do inspiring new ideas that in turn will bring success and wealth. Dispelling any doubts, insecurities and fear, amber brings good luck to your new ventures along with determination and drive for what’s possible. Armed with a new found confidence and courage, amber motivates to try that something you've been putting off. 




You’ll want your amber necklace close by when you begin to notice signs of a cold or flu. The warm, beautiful gem soothes and comforts any aches and pains that your body is experiencing dispelling any negative energy. It can even help those who suffer from long term illnesses providing relief from chronic pain. The powerful healer absorbs the discomfort and allows for the body to re-balance and heal helping with digestion problems, joint issues and throat pain - to name a few. 




When it comes to matters of the heart, amber has got you covered. Bringing patience and understanding to your romantic relationship, the glowing gemstone encourages you to avoid losing your temper. Amber can also bring peace in stressful times allowing for you to stop and see the argument from your partners perspective. You’ll find that you are much calmer, trusting and happy in amber’s company. 


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