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Whitby Jet Healing Properties

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Just like amber, Whitby jet is more than just a beautiful gemstone. It’s well known for its positive impact on the mind, body and soul bringing balance and harmony to everything that you do. Jet helps for individuals to have a more grounded, optimistic outlook on every situation by freeing their auric field of any negativity. With this new positive mindset, jet changes the way people feel, think, act and speak. Its definitely worth keeping a piece of Whitby jet close by if you ask us. You’ll definitely benefit physically, emotionally and spiritually by releasing any negative energy. After the year we’ve all had, I think we all need a piece of Whitby jet jewellery in our lives. Wearing a Whitby jet necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings will allow for you to access the power of the protective stone for the whole day. 

There are three main areas of your life that jet supports, your career, health and personal life. Let’s delve a little deeper. 




Don’t expect to become rich over night. It will be a steady process that builds over time. Having a piece of Whitby jet by your side when working on your business or job, will help you keep a clear mind and make the right decisions when it comes to your finances. By freeing your mind of any negative thoughts or self doubt, you can focus on the task in hand and improve your career steadily by putting in the hard work. Therefore, if you’re looking for a gift for someone starting a new job or company, Whitby jet makes the ideal present bringing good luck. 






When it comes to relationships, positivity is everything! It’s not just about the love you have for your partner but the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself. Self love is key to a strong and healthy relationship. By helping to removing these unwanted thoughts about yourself, this new found confidence will have a positive impact on all relationships that you have whether this be your husband, new boyfriend or best friend. If you are going through a tough time emotionally, jet can help you face these issues head on and begin to slowly heal.  






It’s not just matters of the heart that jet helps with. The deep black gemstone is a great healer for many ailments that most individuals suffer with. From menstrual cramps to headaches to epilepsy, Whitby jet is known to really help. It is no surprise that our local gem plays such a huge role in lessening pain with jet’s ability to bring balance and harmony to our lives. In stressful situations the rare stone brings a sense of calm. Queen Victoria did find huge comfort in wearing Whitby jet jewellery after the loss of Prince Albert. It is well known for alleviating grief after suffering a loss. Whitby jet is also the perfect stone to use for meditation as it opens up your crown chakra to enlightenment.

There you have it - fastening a piece of jet around your neck or wrist will do more for your life than just elevate your style.  


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