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The Myths and Legends of Baltic Amber

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It was the beautiful fiery shade and unique markings that caused such a stir centuries ago. Fascinated by amber’s natural beauty, many ancient legends were told as a way to explain the mystery and intrigue that surrounded the gemstone. From tragic love stories to unforgivable crimes, the glowing, warm gemstone found on the shore inspired such elaborate yet beautiful tales full of romance, loss, courage and greed. 

It’s time to enter a magical world where anything is possible. Join us as we visit a spectacular amber palace, dive deep underwater and fly uncontrollably across the sky to discover the origins of the striking stone that captivated the hearts and minds all those years ago - and who can blame them, we’re pretty mesmerised by the beautiful stone ourselves. Admire our breathtaking amber collection for yourself to truly understand the fascination with the enchanting gemstone. 


Jurate and Kastytis - A Tragic Love Story




It’s one for the romantics! Fall in love with the tale of Jurate and Kastytis, the Queen of the Sea and a young fisherman who could never be together despite their feelings. It was far from love at first sight for the couple who stole the hearts of the Baltic people. At first it was the courageous fisherman’s greed that angered Jurate causing her to destroy his nets after catching too many fish and disturbing the balance of the ocean that she ruled over. Upon meeting Kastytis she instantly fell in love with his striking beauty and charming voice bringing him to live in her breathtaking amber palace at the bottom of the Baltic sea. 

However, it’s not a story of happily ever after. Once Perkunas, the Lord of Gods discovered that the Goddess of the Sea was coupled up with a mere fisherman he became irate and decided to end their happiness. He struck Kastysis with a thunderbolt and left Jurate chained to her underwater castle, which he left in ruins. 

Even after all these years, her heart remains broken. Jurate’s uncontrollable sobs are heavily felt by the stormy sea, which brings fragments of the amber castle to the shore along with small hardened drops believed to be her tears. In memory of their love, browse our heart shaped amber necklaces and earrings to add a hint of romance to your everyday. 


Phaethon and the Sun Chariot - A Tale of Courage and Loss 




It was time to know the truth once and for all. Phaethon believed that his father was Helios, the God of the Sun yet many were unconvinced. To know for sure, Phaethon travelled to Helios’ mesmerising palace where he was met with reassurance of his heritage and any wish of his choosing to be fulfilled. Without thinking, the courageous and daring Phaethon immediately asked to ride his fathers’ golden chariot across the sky, which Helios granted against his better judgement. Behind the reins, Phaethon soon lost control setting fire to the earth spreading to forests, fields and cities with many rivers and seas drying up from the heat. It was Gaia, Goddess of the Earth who asked Zeus to save what was left from the uncontrollable flames. 

There was no choice but for Zeus to stop the destruction by striking the fiery chariot with a lightning bolt. Phaethon fell from the sky landing in the river Eridan and the fire breathing horses fled in different directions. Buried by the nymphs on the shore, it was a long time until his mother Klimena found the tomb of her son. Along with his mother, his sisters, the Heliades, wept inconsolably on the banks of the river. After some time the Gods turned the sisters to poplar trees and their tears into amber. Remember this tragic tale with our beautiful teardrop amber earrings that certainly make a statement. 


Guaja - The Magnificent Blue Feathered Bird - A Crime of Greed 




If the rumours were true, he just had to have it one way or another! The greedy, powerful king had heard all about the breathtakingly beautiful necklace that sat in the nest of a magical blue feathered bird named Gauja. He was desperate to own such a striking piece of jewellery that featured stunning images form around the world on every bead. Giving into temptation, he ordered his servant to locate the bird’s nest and steal the necklace! He did just that and on his return journey, he couldn’t resist to have a peek, so he began to admire the mesmerising gemstones that had caught the attention of the king. Distracted by the beauty, he did not notice as Guaja swooped in and grabbed him with her claws, flying high into the sky and dropping him from a great height. Fearful for his life, the servant swam back to the boat, letting the necklace become lost to the waves. The necklace settled on the seabed in pieces. As time passed, a magical underwater forest grew from the broken beads, each branch reaching for the sun but couldn’t quite emerge at the surface. Amber beads fell from each branch and were swept up onto the shore for all to see. Admire our exquisite Tree of Life collection, inspired by the beauty of nature. 


The Legend of the Two Suns 




Thousands of years ago, there were two suns that rose and set each morning and night. Over time one became so heavy that rays of light fell into the ocean, becoming frozen as they fell and hitting sharp rocks as they settled on the seabed breaking into hundreds of small pieces. Everyday as the tide flows in and out, the waves bring the fiery fragments to the shore to be found and admired.


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