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How to Clean Whitby Jet

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Never let your Whitby Jet jewellery lose its shine! One of Jet’s appeal is its brilliant lustre when highly polished. To ensure that your favourite jewellery pieces keep their mirror-like finish its important to clean them regularly. Don’t get us wrong, Whitby Jet jewellery is made to last yet as with everything taking care of your beloved pieces keeps them in the best condition possible. You only have to look at our impressive collection of antique Whitby Jet jewellery to see how intricate carvings have stood the test of time.  

In addition to storing your necklaces and bracelets in one of our chic jewellery boxes and avoiding abrasive chemicals, cleaning is another way of ensuring that your cherished Whitby jewellery can be passed down through generations. 


You have two options: 


1. Do It Yourself 


It’s really quite simple. Don’t be tempted to reach for any fancy products as this could potentially damage the intense black colour of the stone. Simply use lukewarm water to clean and then dry with a soft cloth. By using this cleaning method regularly, the beauty of Whitby Jet will shine all year round. Remember all gemstones are different and should be cleaned in a way that is suitable for their composition. Do not treat all gems the same as they all have unique physical properties, which need to be looked after slightly differently. 




2. Hire a Professional 


Leave it to an expert! If you would prefer to use a professional to clean your favourite designs, we offer a service that can restore your necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings to its original condition. Our trained specialists can fix damaged jewellery as well as carryout a thorough clean. Here at Robert & Victoria we recommend letting our talented craftsmen take a look at your jewellery once a year to bring back that dazzle and shine after 365 days of everyday wear. Get in touch with our jewellery specialists today!

That’s it! If you regularly clean with water and a dry cloth and book in for your annual professional cleaning service your treasured Whitby Jet jewellery will be kept in pristine condition year after year! Along with investing in the correct storage, removing when cleaning the house or showering, your highly prized jewellery will be free from scratches and damage. 


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