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How to Care for Whitby Jet Jewellery

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Keep your Whitby jet jewellery shining all year round with our expert tips on how to care for our unique gemstone. Simple everyday activities can sometimes damage jet's mirror-like shine and intense deep hue that the stone is famous for. However, a few routine actions can leave your stunning pieces of jewellery looking brand new when your reach for them each morning. Your favourite pair of earrings will always be admired if you follow these simple steps. 


Keep That Shine


With its high polished finish you’ll want to wear your new Whitby jet necklace everyday of the week. Therefore, we’d recommend investing in one of our professional polishing cloths that are specifically designed to keep that brilliant lustre shining all year round. Wherever you are, our gold or sterling silver polishing cloths complete with two sachets of cleaner will do the job every time. 




Think About Storage 


Protect your Whitby jet jewellery in style! Whenever you remove your rings, bracelets or earrings always store in a safe place. Our beautiful selection of jewellery boxes look chic on your chest of drawers with plenty of room to store your ever growing collection. With specific compartments designed for every type of jewellery everything has its place avoiding scratches or damage to the stone. Jewellery wraps or cases are perfect for those on the go, simply place in your bag and your favourite pieces of Whitby jet are never far away. 




Remove When Cleaning


When it’s time to tackle those dreaded chores like cleaning the kitchen or bathroom ensure that you remove your beloved Whitby jet jewellery every time. Abrasive chemicals found in many cleaning products can harm the rare stone and its beautiful shine. In fact, many beauty cosmetics such as hairspray and perfume can also cause damage. We advise choosing your treasured pieces when you've finished your morning beauty routine. Also, we recommend removing your Whitby jet jewellery when swimming or showering as the constant exposure to water, soap and creams will impact that sparkle we all love so much. After all, that's what jewellery boxes are for! 




Book in With the Professionals


To keep your favourite Whitby jet jewellery pieces in excellent condition it is important to take them to a professional to be cleaned and restored by an expert. Our highly trained team at Robert & Victoria offer a fantastic jewellery cleaning and repairs service that will make your Whitby jet jewellery look brand new. Along with our specialist cleaning and polishing equipment, we guarantee that we will take great care of your jewellery and have it back to you in no time at all. Get in touch with our jewellery specialists here




It really is that easy! By investing in suitable storage for your home or travel (when restrictions are lifted of course), polishing regularly, removing at appropriate times and booking in with trained specialists your Whitby jet jewellery will always look brand new. 


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