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The 5 Features That Make Whitby Jet So Unique

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It’s all in the details when its comes to Whitby jet. The highly desirable gemstone has so many unique traits that it usually charms its way into jewellery boxes with just one visit to the far from traditional, coastal town. There are so many reasons why our local gemstone makes the most perfect jewellery pieces offering style, comfort and precision every time. 


Jet Black 


There’s no mistaking Whitby jet with it’s opaque black shade. Famed for its deep and intense hue, the British gemstone has been adored for centuries. When polished the striking colour is further enhanced attracting many to the beautiful seaside town to admire the rare, much loved stone. The contrast when set in sterling silver, yellow or white gold is truly striking and nothing else compares! Take a look for yourself and browse our unrivalled selection of Whitby jet jewellery. 




Super Lightweight


It’s so comfortable to wear you might as well wear it everyday of the week. It’s weightlessness makes Whitby jet the perfect gemstone to add to your jewellery collection as when fastened around your neck or wrist you will feel anything but uncomfortable. Even the large statement pieces of jewellery are worn with ease! 


Mirror-Like Shine


Take a glimpse at your reflection in highly polished Whitby jet. Trust us, when given an extremely high polish the gemstone takes on a mirror-like shine that can be used to check your appearance at a glance. It’s the natural smoothness of jet that allows for it to be polished to a bright, dazzling lustre. 




Easy to Carve


Due to its quite soft nature and uniform texture it can be carved with precision creating beautiful shapes that make the most striking of jewellery. After all we should know right! Our highly skilled team love working with our beloved gemstone that inspires us to handcraft a stunning collection of unique jewellery in our workshops. From romantic hearts to delightful florals to striking marquise styles, there’s something for everyone. Don’t just take our word for it, head over to our Whitby jet jewellery collection and admire our distinctive designs. 


Warm to Touch


You won’t want to take it off! Surprisingly, jet is warm to the touch making the stone feel so lovely to wear even in the depths of winter. Settling at room temperature, the unique gemstone doesn’t become cold like some of its rivals. It’s time to purchase that gorgeous antique beaded necklace you’ve had your eye on for months. 


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