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Discover Gdańsk - The World's Capital of Baltic Amber

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Since it may be a while until we can enjoy an overseas city break in person, we thought the next best thing is to take you on a virtual tour of our favourite Polish spot, Gdańsk. You may never heard of the beautiful city situated on the mouth of the Vistula River on the Baltic Sea with many favouring more frequented destinations such as Warsaw or Krakow, however, Gdańsk charms with its historic legacy and impressive gothic architecture. 


It’s All About Amber 


Known as the world’s capital of amber, the fiery gemstone is pretty impossible to miss when visiting Gdańsk. The quaint cobblestone streets of the old town are lined with boutiques selling striking collections of amber jewellery. Brama Mariacka, which is known locally as Amber Fifth Avenue, is the place to go to admire the wearable pieces of art.

As you may have guessed, the residents of the enchanting city are extremely proud of their heritage and their relationship with the ‘The Gold of the North.’ The largest amber source is located to the east of Gdańsk and with the right conditions, a north east wind and a strong current, the mesmerising gemstone is washed up on the coastline - you can still find many scouring the beaches after a particularly violent storm. For over 6000 years, amber has been discovered on the city's beaches bringing wealth to the capital of the Pomorskie province. 

Uncover a taste of Gdańsk right here in Whitby with our unrivalled amber jewellery collection. 



The Amber Museum Is a Must See


It’s the perfect destination to find out everything you need to know about the history of amber. In fact, it’s the first museum in Poland to be completely devoted to the native gemstone leaving no part of it’s legacy unturned. The exhibitions pay great attention to detail showcasing amber in its raw state, how it’s extracted, the historic trade routes, it’s relationship with medicine and the mythical tales told centuries ago. Some may find it’s historic location a little unsettling yet fascinating as it once was home to the cities prison and torture room. Whilst you wait to visit the museum in person, why not take a look at our stunning amber collections online now. 


Admire the Gothic Inspired Architecture


Gdańsk is recognised for its stunning architecture that brings vibrant colours and gothic shapes to its cobbled streets. It’s often described as though you are stepping into a fairytale with its castle like towers and grand gates that survived WWII and have since been restored to their former beauty. There are too many impressive buildings to mention, each with an extraordinary tale to tell of Gdańsk’s vast history. Many devote a whole afternoon to wandering these idyllic streets looking up at the unique architecture full of character and charm. 




 The Amber Altar Is Unforgettable 


Home to the largest Amber Altar worldwide - measuring 10 metres wide and 12 high - many take a trip to St Bridget’s church to admire the beautiful piece of work designed by prof. Stanislaw Radwański and Mariusz Drapikowski, which was unveiled in December 2017 after 17 years of hard work. Everyone who looks at the amber masterpiece is in awe of its beauty and intricate craftsmanship that features the Virgin Mary, the patron saints of Europe: St. Brigid and St. Elizabeth and a flying crowned eagle - a Polish symbol.


We don’t know about you but once restrictions are lifted Gdańsk will definitely be the first city we fly to. Its rich heritage, striking architecture and of course, strong connection to amber has charmed it’s way to the top of our travel list. 


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